About Us

About Us


RM Group is a group of three companies from different sectors:RM Prod for the production and management of musical artists, Voyage Luxury for the organization of trips and weddings in a heavenly place, and Identity Studio for communication and marketing.

The Managing Director of RM Group, Manuel Raposo, is also the founder. It all started in 2009, when he launched his own clothing brand. Thanks to this experience as a self-entrepreneur, Manuel Raposo was able to meet artists from various backgrounds.

Meetings that made him want to aim even higher, by founding his first management and events company around music. This is a sector that the boss already knows well, having been the director of two nightclubs in Saint-Etienne and Lyon.

The project was not limited to this area of expertise, and then opened up to graphic design and marketing, with the creation of a communications agency in 2016. The following year, a third company dedicated to dream journeys accessible to all was created.

Strengthened by this diversity in their sector(s) of activity, Manuel Raposo and his company RM Group aim to offer quality services to as many people as possible.


RM Prod is a company specialized in the production and management of artists, from signing contracts to studio recording sessions and media promotion.

Several national and international artists already trust RM Prod.

Identity Studio

Identity Studio offers high-end and custom graphic work and creations.

This quality and requirement, just like Voyage Luxury, remains affordable for all types of clients, from small auto-entrepreneurs to large companies.

Voyage Luxury

Voyage Luxury organizes stays and events in Bali: sightseeing trips, weddings, life burials, or even wedding anniversaries.

Unforgettable moments in a dream environment at affordable rates, even for individuals with a small budget.


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Big plans for a better future.